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Tree Roots

What did we learn?

In broad strokes, in general, in total, what are we taking away about HOW and WHY Mainers are globally engaged? 

How can youth make change? What advice did we hear?



"Work in Maine has global reach." - Climate Change Institute

Lessons learned in Maine, from disease prevention to agriculture, to political action, to lobster fishing, can be helpfully applied to other country's situations and issues. Similarly, lessons learned in other countries, especially those with similar climates, issues, and economic structures as Maine, can be helpful in solving Maine's issues.


"Technology has... facilitated inclusion of languages and cultures." - MCD Global Health

A sentiment that was communicated by MCD Global Health and Secretary of State Shenna Bellows was how technology can serve as a tool to increase efficiency and inclusion in society. Maine has been using technology to connect with the world. Technology is a positive tool that must be utilized in future action in Maine, especially that with global reach.



"If you want to see something happen, you have to be a part of it." - Mike Decker, Monson Arts

Global Maine Ambassadors learned that change takes action. Throughout this program, we have identified issues and gained inspiration. In order to make a positive impact in our home communities, Maine, and the world, we must take an active role.

"You have the capacity to be citizen diplomats right now." - World Affairs Council

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